Occupational Therapy

Katie – Clinical Lead, Tasmania
Katie is a passionate OT with a strong interest in the development of the OT workforce and quality clinical practice.  She brings her 24+ years of clinical and leadership experience to the team. Katie has experience across the clinical care continuum with particular experience in community and aged care practice. Katie delivers OT services into the North and North West of Tasmania.

Abby – Allied Health Assistant
Abby is an  enthusiastic Allied Health Assistant working with clients in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. She enjoys working with clients to assist them to achieve their capacity building goals. Abby is currently studying Occupational Therapy.

Jasmin – Occupational Therapist
Jasmin is located in the North of Tasmania, and provides community occupational therapy services to adult clients in both the north and north west of Tasmania. Jasmin has extensive experience delivering functional capacity evaluations, sensory processing assessment, assistive technology, housing assessment, minor home modifications,  visual impairment services,  and a variety of neurological conditions.

Jess – Paediatric Occupational Therapist
Located in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne Jess is an experienced Paediatric OT. Jess works with children across the age range of 0-18, she is experienced in assessment and therapy and also provides assistive technology prescription and home modifications. She is a passionate OT who has experience working in both educational and home settings.

Jo – Early Intervention Occupational Therapist
Based in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Jo is a dedicated and experienced paediatric occupational therapist and keyworker. Jo specialises in Early Childhood Early Intervention services for children aged 0-7 years. Jo works with parents and teachers in the home, kinder or school environment.

Karen – Paediatric Occupational Therapist
Karen is a passionate Paediatric Occupational Therapist based on the Bass Coast, she provides Early Intervention and Paediatric OT services in the Bass Coast and West Gippsland Regions. Karen enjoys working with Children, their families and teachers in the home, school and kinder environments.

Kerryn –Occupational Therapist
Located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Kerryn provides a wide range of occupational therapy services to adolescent, adult, and aged care clients. Kerryn is experienced to provide services in assistive technology, housing assessments, sensory assessments, functional assessments, and general occupational therapy.

Laura – Occupational Therapist
Laura is an experienced clinician based in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Laura enjoys working with adults and adolescents in the areas of psychological disability, assistive technology, home modification, housing assessments, sensory assessments, functional assessments, and general occupational therapy.

Roné – Occupational Therapist
Roné is located in West Gippsland, Victoria. Roné has extensive experience delivering complex mental health services to adolescents and adults. Roné provides services to her NDIS clients in psychosocial assessment and treatment, non-complex home modifications, assistive technology prescription, functional assessment, and customised therapy programs.

Sophie – Occupational Therapist
Sophie is located in the south-east of Melbourne and provides services to clients ranging from children (8 years +) to adults. Sophie is experienced delivering services of functional assessment, housing assessment, assistive technology assessment, or basic home modifications, for clients with either mental health, physical or other disability.

Tenaya – Occupational Therapist
Tenaya provides OT services to adults in the North of Tasmania. She delivers functional assessments, housing assessments, prescription of assistive technology and capacity building intervention programs. Tenaya enjoys working with the team to assist clients to achieve their stated goals.

Zoe – Occupational Therapist
Located in Gippsland on the Bass Coast, Zoe is experienced in neurological conditions and other adult disability. Zoe provides services in complex home modifications, assistive technology, housing assessments, sensory assessments, functional assessments, and general occupational therapy.