Early Intervention and Paediatrics

Early Childhood Early Intervention Services

BePositive Therapy work with children aged between 0-9 years, “the early years”. Lead by skilled therapists with considerable experience in this specialist area, Be Positive offer disability and learning support for the child and the family. Working closely with the family, the therapist will aim to reduce the functional impact of the disability or delay, reviewing cognitive, social-emotional, physical, communication/language, and self-care/adaptive skills.

Key worker services are offered, whereby our therapist will bring together the child’s entire therapeutic team, aiming for communication and interventions to be provided (where appropriate) through one primary therapist. The key worker will ensure that the multidisciplinary team’s combined expertise, knowledge and resources will be brought together to support the child and family.


BePositive Therapy work with children aged 10-17 years, assessing, and treating a wide range of disabilities. Frequently treated disabilities include neurodiverse presentations, congenital conditions, intellectual disability, developmental or coordination delays, congenital conditions, behavioural concerns, trauma impacted presentations, anxiety, or other psychosocial presentations.

Therapists encourage a family centred approach and understand that the family are the “experts” in relation to the child. Sessions may include play therapy, social skills training and development, motor training, developmental assessment, sensory assessment/therapy, and education participation.