Occupational Therapy

Functional Capacity Evaluation

The therapists at BePositive are highly experienced in the assessment of disability and the impact that disability may have upon daily functional performance. This assessment is known as Functional Capacity Evaluation.

A Functional Capacity Evaluation will assess your daily functional ability for your self-care activities, your domestic care tasks, and your capability within the community. The aim of the evaluation will be to determine any barriers that you may be experiencing and make recommendations to improve your performance wherever possible.

The assessment will support the direction of the therapy or services that we will undertake with you.

Housing Assessment

Our occupational therapists are highly skilled in undertaking assessment of your housing needs and submitting applications to the NDIS. A housing assessment would consider the best housing option for you, considering your circumstances in line with the NDIS eligibility criteria. Our assessment would take the direction of either:
• SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation)
• SIL (Supported Independent Living)
• ILO (Individualised Living Options)
• Mainstream Housing

Where possible and following approval from the NDIS, we will support you to transition into your new living arrangement.

Assistive Technology Review

Specialised equipment may be required to improve your independence, your ability to manage day to day tasks or most importantly to improve your future! BePositive Therapy will provide you with a suitably qualified therapist to assess your day to day assistive technology needs and provide you with evidence-based recommendations and solutions. We will offer an in-home assessment with you or arrange for you to trial assistive technology with a reputable supplier.

Assessments include: wheelchair and seating, walking aids, bathroom aids, bedroom aids such as bedding solutions, kitchen aids and eating utensils.

Home Modifications

Our team of experienced occupational therapists will review your home environment with the aim of supporting you to reach your highest potential. A therapist will assess your home access, your layout, your amenities, your kitchen or any part of your home to improve your safety, your independence and for you to achieve your personal goals.

Where necessary they will engage suitable builders to quote your modifications and submit the required paperwork to the NDIS.

Mental Health Support Services

BePositive provide specialised mental health services to participants of all ages. Our priority is to support clients to achieve their NDIS goals and create a better outlook for the future. Services are tailored specifically to individual circumstances. They may assist to improve areas of life such as daily organisation, socialisation, maintaining the home environment, or simply getting by day to day.

Aged Care Assessment and Intervention

BePositive specialise in working with clients to remain safe in their homes for longer. Our therapists can work with clients to review home safety, falls prevention, complete equipment prescription and home modifications.

We are experienced working with clients with Home Care Packages and can tailor assessment and interventions to individual needs and packages.